Tier 3
Below is indexed all the rewards you get for Holding Oscillo's.

You Will Need To Hold 5+ Oscillo's To Reach Tier 3.

Along with the other API monitors you will gain access to more monitors that are more useful for watching collections that are going to stealth drop like Blocky Doge as an example.
We will also have a contract monitor which will allow you to see the second the contract either goes into a Whitelist state or Public Mint. This is very useful as it will be faster then a human to react to the change allowing you to enter your transaction early into the block.

This is the show piece of the Oscillo collection! This extension will allow you to get your hands on most NFT projects within the future due to the functionality it holds. Development will begin once we have sold out to cover the costs of creating such a powerful piece of software.
  • Ethereum Contract Minter
  • Sol Contract Minter
  • Opensea Listing Sniper
  • Opensea Early Metadata Viewer (Will not work on every collection)
  • Whitelist Bot (Chat Bot + Invite Bot)

We will have an active team working through tickets that you may present to the team. This will mean if there is a release that no one is going for we can help you work out a gas pre-set as well as a good average cost per token to profit.

As we continue to grow our community we may branch out into different projects which you will automatically become a part of. You will receive 5 FREE airdrop to any of those projects.
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