Tier 1
Below is indexed all the rewards you get for Holding Oscillo's.

You Will Need To Hold 1 - 2 Oscillo's To Reach Tier 1.

Daily calendar of releases and their respective risk for minting. This will also include Gas pre-sets that we recommend for the releases we are going for that day.

Guides for any level of knowledge that can help boost your understanding for different terms and techniques on how to Mint effectively and use Gas properly to make sure your transactions will go through as fast as possible.

We will run through any profit you have made and give some guidance on how to grow the money and use it effectively to continue to profit.

Every so often we will run 'Ask me anything' events where you are able to bring questions to a group call and we can clear up any questions you may have and help you to further understand your point of interest.

As we continue to grow our community we may branch out into different projects which you will automatically become a part of. You will receive 1 FREE airdrop to any of those projects.
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