Tier 2
Below is indexed all the rewards you get for Holding Oscillo's.

You Will Need To Hold 3 - 4 Oscillo's To Reach Tier 2.

These calls go further then just the daily calendar and allow you to mint some hidden gem projects and some free mints that our new Member Of Staff Tharun will bring to you. These are great money makers as they are often cheap / free meaning you can build a very small balance and grow it to a level where you can go for bigger mints which yield greater Ethereum Profits.
These will also include drops on other networks such as Sol, Veve and site dependant releases like the recent release.

These monitors will allow you to see the current floor price of any collection you request us to monitor. This is useful if you are holding a project and waiting to find a price you want to sell at.
You will also be able to request whale wallets to see what they are minting and see if its a good opportunity to jump on that project as well.

These will be ran every couple of weeks and will allow you to speak directly to a member of team who can guide you in whatever your question may be. We have a massive network outside of the one visible to you so we can always have someone on hand for any help you may need.

As we continue to grow our community we may branch out into different projects which you will automatically become a part of. You will receive 3 FREE airdrop to any of those projects.
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