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I have owned and ran a similar group for 2 years now which has grown from having a handful of paying members to over 500 in its first year. Over that time I have been able to build a wide range of skilled and knowledgeable contacts from the NFT space, as well as recruiting an incredibly reliable staff team. This has allowed me, with help from my amazing staff, to make our users hundreds of thousands of pounds and I feel I’m now in a position to take this to the next level with Oscillo.
I am so excited to share all the skills I have developed over the last 2 years, as well as bringing in all the brilliant contacts I’m connected with, to the Oscillo NFT community. There will be sole focus on the reselling of NFTs through smart tactics and considered strategy. I am currently setting up a new office where me and my team will be working hard researching and refining how we buy and re-sell NFTs. As an Oscillo NFT holder, you can expect all this information to be provided to you.
What you can expect from me:
As people from my previous projects you will know, I work so hard day and night to make sure all of my user base enjoy the most success possible. By purchasing an Oscillo NFT, you are investing into my capabilities, work rate and success rate thus far. I can assure you that I have a fantastic track record and I will not let any of you down and if you decide to invest in Oscillo NFT. Our core aim will be to make sure you succeed, we do everything possible. Either through 1-1 support with experienced staff or one of our many release guides. We want to create a community here where everyone is there for each other to succeed.
I cannot wait to show you all what is possible through buying and selling NFTs, it has changed my life forever and I am now ready to share this with the Oscillo NFT holders.

I'm better know as BLITX within the Oscillo community! I have been heavily involved in HTML and digital marketing for many years. I don't have any fancy qualifications or degrees but I do have an insatiable appetite for creating and growing community driven ideas as well as making as much money along the way for those that are invested in what I do. I am eager to learn and hope I can provide all the knowledge that is needed for your NFT journey.
What you can expect from me:
I am devoted to making everything I do work and run at the highest ability possible. The ideas we have planned for the future as well as everything that has already been announced will continue to grow and we will make our mark and a dent within the NFT market I can assure all our holders of that. The utility we want to drive as well as the amazing community we have to back it will lead to nothing short of success.
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